SPRO Frog Winners Announced

SPRO Frog Winners Announced

Thanks to everyone who entered our latest giveaway for the assortment of SPRO frogs. Now is frog time! Grass is looking good, shad are in giant schools around it and big fish are putting on the feed bag for the winter. Big bass like crawfish and shad, but they “LOVE”  frogs in the fall and there is no better time than right now to be tying one on and fishing above and around vegetation. SPRO builds  Bronzeye frogs in  poppers, walkers and even a giant King Daddy version combined  with  the best colors for lakes and rivers across the country. If there is bass in your local pond, stream, river, or reservoir, SPRO  has a frog for you.

Four winners will receive a cache of “SPRO-alicious” Bronzeye frogs in some of their best colors and sizes.

The winners are:

Jordan Jones, Fulton, KY

Zach Johnson, Hanceville, AL

John Biagiotti, Pittsfield, MA

Carl Willis, Chattanooga, TN

Congrats to all and your SPRO frogs are on the way.