Snakehead Spotted for the Fourth Time in Missouri

The Missouri Department of Conservation has confirmed the discovery of a fourth northern snakehead in Wayne County, Missouri.

Anglers are urged to kill this invasive species if caught. This particular snakehead was reeled in on May 25 at Wappapello Lake Spillway.

It’s the fourth recorded instance of a northern snakehead being caught in Missouri waters, with three sightings reported since 2023.

Native to Asia, these fish are aggressive predators in U.S. waters, threatening native species and competing for resources.

They have a distinctive snake-like appearance and can survive out of water for several days due to their ability to breathe air.

Missouri Department of Conservation Fisheries Biologist Dave Knuth emphasized the importance of killing these fish upon discovery to prevent their spread in Missouri waters.

If encountered, it’s recommended to kill the northern snakehead by either cutting off its head or gutting it.