Shimano Announces New Technique Specific Curado 300 Baitcaster Reels

Shimano continues to develop baitcasting reels within its Curado series for technique-specific uses by using introducing the newly designed and new feature-rich Curado 300 reels for when the time calls to throw big lures. The four new Curado 300 reels being offered have the power and needed line capacity along with Shimano’s rigid HAGANE Body to fish swimbaits, big crankbaits, and
umbrella rigs with ease.

Two models offered – each in both right- and left-hand retrieve – include the Curado 300 and 301 with powerful 4.7:1 gear ratios specific for anglers fishing slower presentation lures or with Alabama rigs and magnum-size crankbaits. The higher-speed 6.6:1 gear ratio featured on the Curado 300HG and 301HG enables anglers to aggressively work lures that are more effective with a faster retrieve, along with quickly picking up slack when enticing big bass on topwater baits.

All of the Curado 300 series reels incorporate a large capacity deep spool for use with heavy-pound line and offer the ability for extra-long casts. The entire line-up features a long handle with wide-grip knobs to provide anglers with the extra power needed when battling big bass.

“With their compact low-profile design and lightweight aluminum frame HAGANE Body that offers a solid feel during the fight, anglers will also notice the advantage of all-day fishability advantage from Shimano’s X-Ship technology that keeps the pinion gear in precise alignment with the drive gear,” said Adam Diehl with Shimano’s product development team.

“All of the Curado 300 reels offer Shimano’s Variable Brake System for cast control, and our lower frictional heat Cross Carbon Drag provides added durability.” When filled with PowerPro braid, all the Curado 300 reels can hold from 195 yards of 40-pound test and up to 125 yards of 65-pound test. With monofilament, the reels hold from 230 yards of 12-pound test and up to 150 yards of 17-pound test. In terms of line retrieve, the power gear Curado 300 and 301 cranks in 25 inches of line per turn, while the higher speed Curado 300HG and 301HG rip in 35 inches of line per turn.

With these newly-designed Curado 300 reels, Shimano now offers specific Curado reels for nearly every bass fishing situation, including the digital control Curado DC reels, the tournament tough Curado 200K reels offered in various gear ratio models, and the Curado 70MGL reel light line and finesse use along with pitching and flipping.

MSRP: all models – $199.99 (USD)