SeaDek Foam Pads

Every now and again we find a product we go gaga over and ask the question “why didn’t we think of that?” SeaDek Foam pads from  Seadek Marine Products  are one of those products. Todd Hammill,  COO at Wired2Fish, was looking for something to both protect the  top surface of the nose of his boat  and keep him from slipping when he was getting into his Ranger from the dock. He found it with Seadek.
SeaDek foam pads can be ordered for specific boats but different sized  sections and colors  can be purchased online as well. For less than 60 bucks you can get a piece that can be cut to size easily with a pair of scissors and the application is simple. All you have to do is cut a template from a piece of paper or cardboard, draw around it and cut it to size. An adhesive backing allows them to stay in place. These pads are made for wet conditions and won’t absorb water but even wet have good grip.
Terry Brown, President of Wired2Fish,    put 4 pads on his Ranger Banshee, both on the front and back decks, to provide a non-slip surface while fishing. They not only keep you from slipping but can relieve fatigue on your legs as well.
This is a great product and one we thought we should pass along to Wired2Fish Readers!
To learn more about SeaDek or to order go to the SeaDek Website. They also  provide some instructional videos that can help you with your installation on the site.