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Possible World-Record Redbreast Sunfish Caught

The Satilla River in Georgia just might be the hottest river in the country right now if you’re in pursuit of trophy-sized redbreast sunfish. Known for their hard-fighting nature especially throughout the early summer months, they’re growing like crazy in this remote river system. Just a few days ago, the Georgia record redbreast was broken as Lester Roberts caught a 1-pound, 12.32-ounce fish while fishing a bass fishing tournament.

world-record fish

He was fishing with his buddy Whitey Hendrix and according to our friends at Georgia Outdoor News (for their full story click here) they were cranking laydowns with a Bandit crankbait and the possible world-record redbreast smoked the crankbait. Having never seen a fish like that of this size, the anglers kept it and weighed it on a handheld digital scale at the end of the tournament.

Later that afternoon, they took the fish to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and got a certified weight on the fish.

Interestingly enough, Roberts is planning to submit an application to the IGFA in order to apply for world-record status. The fish weighs roughly 103 grams more than the current world record so there’s a distinct possibility we might be looking at a legitimately new world record.