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Possible World Record Mean Mouth Caught in Texas

Texas is continuing to churn out giant bass, specifically the small reservoir O.H. Ivie. On Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2022, Brady Stanford was fishing with a single small swimbait when he set the hook on a double digit bass. Little did he know at the time he had latched onto what appears to be the world record mean mouth. His bass weighed 11.07 on certified scales with a length of 25 inches. The fish is currently in the hands of the Texas Parks and Wildlife’s ShareLunker program for genetic testing to verify it’s a true meanmouth (largemouth / smallmouth cross). It will most certainly be the Texas state record and could also be named the world record if approved by the IGFA.

Here’s a video of Brady’s catch from his Facebook page and pictures will follow.

The current world record mean mouth was caught nearly a year ago by Wyatt Frankens, also on O.H. Ivie and weighed 7.6 pounds. Brandon Burks caught a larger mean mouth just last month at 8.32 pounds on a YUM Flash Mob Jr. Alabama Rig, but because he had 5 swimbaits with hooks he could not claim the world record because the IGFA has a 3-hook max for world records.

brady stanford record meanmouth bass

Giant mean mouth smallmouth largemouth hybrid

Stanford’s mean mouth is one of the most impressive specimens we’ve ever seen in bass fishing.

mean mouth weight was certified at 11 pounds

Mean mouth bass weight certified weight at 11.07 pounds

Just an incredible hybrid. We have seen some spotted bass smallmouth hybrids that we’re 5 pounds that were incredible but to see a smallmouth largemouth cross that weighs 11 pounds is mind boggling.

brady stanford mean mouth record

Just look at that fish’s tail

What a beast!

Brady Stanford’s 15 pounder.

Speaking of beasts

You might recognize the name Brady Stanford if you’ve been paying attention to the lunkers being caught in Texas this year. That’s because on Jan. 23, 2022, Stanford caught a 15-pound bass that was turned into the Texas ShareLunker program also out of O.H. Ivie.