Poor Boys Introduces “New” Kickin Darter Jr.

Poor Boys Introduces “New” Kickin Darter Jr.
LaGrange, Indiana’s Poor Boys Baits has a new Kickin Darter Jr. that is one vibrating mutha. It makes the ultimate trailer on a swim jig and many anglers are using it as a trailer on chatterbait style baits as well.
Even on a 3/4 ounce football head the bait rocks and thumps. The Jr. is 3 1/2 inches bow to stern and has a very unique boot style tail that can only be made as a hand poured product. The dynamics of the shape give it   vibration characteristics that are very different from other similarly shaped products.
The Poor Boys Kickin Darter Jr. comes in 6 colors and anglers like Greg Mangus and Steve Clapper swear by it!
It retails for $4.59 for a package of 6 and can be purchased at or
You can learn more about Poor Boys by clicking here.
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