New Products from Northland for 2013

Some companies are known by the region that they manufacture in, the species they target or even their company name. That can be good and bad. If it’s up to us we want baits that catch fish and really do not care much where they are from. Northland Tackle is one of those companies who may be unjustly stereotyped as a northern states only company. They are super popular in the northern tier of states but their baits catch fish everywhere and they have spread their reach to Mid-US and beyond in recent years, largely due to their smallmouth arsenal.

Northland Tackle is a multi-species company that cut their teeth on panfish and toothy critters but has also made significant ground in recent years as smallmouth experts too. They build terminal tackle, spinnerbaits and buzzbaits, plastic products with a proven additive called Impulse, and hair jigs that smallmouth love. They also are noted for their ice fishing gear as well.

Whether you live in the upper tier of states or not, if you love to fish for smallmouth in the Midwest and beyond,  Northland has you covered.

We recently sat down with noted multi-species expert Scott Glorvigen and got his take on Northland Tackle Products and techniques he uses to catch both smallies and largemouth utilizing Northland products.

Here is what he had to say:

1.              W2F: Scott, Northland has a strong presence in the upper Midwest and Northern tier of states where walleye, pike and smallmouth live. Do they have baits that work in other parts of the country and have you used some of their products to catch bass in other parts of the country?

2.              Scott: When it comes to Multi species & Bass Northland has the right lures for anywhere in the country. Many Bass Tournaments in The North and Canada have been won with Northland Tackle. I have used the Jungle Jigs on Southern Reservoirs and it works!

3.              W2F: What are your go-to Northland Tackle products that you use strictly for smallmouth?

4.              Scott: Bronzebacks love Hair jigs and one of my favorite is the Buck-A-Roo-jig. They have some of the best natural colors that smallies love to eat.

5.              W2F: Have you had a chance to try out Northland’s new Impulse plastic products and what shapes do you like the best?

6.              Scott: I really love finesse fishing so the Impulse Jig Crawler is a great bait for finicky clear water fish, works great on a drop shot rig, too.

7.              W2F: We have heard a lot about using hair jigs for smallmouth. What do you think about them and what other species dial in the quickest to them. What type of trailers do you use and do you tweak them or use them just like they come in the package?

8.              Scott: The two trailers I use most for smallies are the Impulse Leech on a Bug-A-Boo jig, very life like, and I like to tip the Northland Paddle minnow tail on the hair jig and swim it along the bottom imitating a darting crawfish. The shape and color are the keys to this combo.

9.              W2F: Do you think that smallmouth chasers would benefit from some of Northlands products and which ones would you choose?

10.        Scott: Wow that’s a hard choice but I got to go with the Impulse leeches along with the Impulse Minnow Baits. Both mimic what smallmouth eat and work in just about every water color, from clear to stained.

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