Mini Frog Market Expands Topwater Frog Fishing

Frog fishing is a favorite among bass anglers everywhere. Big sticks, heavy braid and heavy cover means big explosions and big fish. A new froggy craze that we call “finesse froggin’†has cast a new tempting offering into frog fishing. It’s braided line and heavy cover, only with small frogs, a mini variety that get more bites on tough days. Great for farm ponds too, the minis are making believers out of frog experts everywhere.  This new frogs are both cute and mean at the same time.

Even though small frogs, like the ones found in grandpa’s tackle box, have been around for years, the new amphibian wave is about life-like infant frogs that look just like their big brothers but with stout hooks, great skirted legs and the same action of the bigger models too, just smaller. Great for open water, docks or under overhanging trees the little hoppers can get more bites, and when they do the fish inhale it.

Several companies have created new mini-frogs to round out their lineups. They are Spro, Koppers and EVOLVE.


  1. SproDean Rojas Bronzeye Baby Popper – modeled after the original Bronzeye Poppin’ Frog, the mini version has some of the same walking, chugging and floating characteristics as the larger model but works even better on finicky bass. Even though it’s small, it still casts like a missile and lands upright on every cast. We like the chugging noise of this little Popper. It’s a bit more subtle than its big brother and spits a small amount of water forward when pulled. It is 2 inches long and weighs ¼ ounce. The Baby Popper retails for 7.99. Click here to see other color options.koppers-small-frog-lure.jpg
  2. Koppers LIVETARGETLIVETARGET Hollow Body 45T Frog adds real life features, great paint jobs and realistic look to a small 1 3/4-inch body that weighs 1/4 ounce. It also casts well and walks, glides and scoots like its big brother. The keeled belly combined with anatomical lifelike features work well, the nose points ups, and the 45T can be worked on the surface or dead-sticked. We especially like the molded front legs and 3D eyes of this bait. It retails for $9.49. Click here to see some color options and purchase.evolve-small-frog.jpg
  3. EVOLVEPond Doctor – a relative newcomer to frogging, the Evolve Pond Doctor also has some great paint schemes and a closed cavity hollow body has a narrow profile with a bit more pointed nose. The belly is lifelike, contains rattles and it’s designed for slop and open water alike.   It is 2 inches long and weighs 1/4 ounce. It retails for $6.49. View color options and purchase here.

Adding a mini-frog to your arsenal adds more diversity to your frogging and gives you the opportunity to add bites on tough pressured days.