Micro and Finesse Wiggler Great on Ice and Spring Panfishing

Every year many so-called “game-changing baits” are being released, with brands often promoting their one-of-a-kind design and action. However, savvy anglers know: To become a true game changer, a bait will have to prove itself over time.

The Micro and Finesse Wiggler from the Lunkerhunt HIVE Series are doing exactly that. Released at ICAST 2023, only a few people knew about the bait’s great performance at catching a multitude of fish species. One of those moments was captured right after the development process was finished during final product testing. Check out the video here (time stamp 1:11).

Since then, a lot of time has passed, and anglers have come to experience the Wiggler’s performance firsthand – the latest occurrence is happening now, during the ice fishing season and not just on Panfish and Bass. The Hive Wiggler is proving to be a multi-species wonder on ice and in open water.

Now that Spring is just around the corner, the Micro and Finesse Wiggler are ready to perform again in the next fishing season on their way to become one of the staple baits in every angler’s tackle box.

Micro and Finesse Wiggler features

  • Super soft flicker tail action
  • Made with UDSP (Ultra Durable Soft Plastic) like all LUNKERUNT HIVE series baits
  • Pairs perfectly with the Hive Micro Jig Head
  • 8 Fish catching colors
  • Floating soft Plastic