Mercury Marine Flo-Torq ends clutch rattle…

Mercury Marine introduces the Flo-Torq Reflex propeller hub kit, which eliminates clutch rattle, minimizes vibration and provides lower-unit protection for 40-60 hp standard-gearcase outboards.

The Flo-Torq Reflex begins shipping today, and will replace the rubber hubs formerly used on 40-60 standard-gearcase propellers.

In the event of an underwater impact, the Flo-Torq Reflex sleeve sacrifices itself to protect key drive components.

Additionally – and this is something all boaters will appreciate – the Flo-Torq Reflex hub kit is “field serviceable,†which means boaters can replace a hub by themselves in just minutes in the event of impact with an underwater obstruction.

Another consumer benefit is the price – Flo-Torq Reflex-equipped propellers are available at the same price as the rubber-hub propellers it’s replacing.

“The Reflex Hub is a product that minimizes annoying noise and vibration, while still providing the drive protection and field serviceability that Flo-Torq hub systems are famous for,†said Ben Duke, Director of Mercury Propellers. “It provides the boater with a better all-around experience.â€

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