Megabass Launches New Orochi XX Rod Line for 2018


Megabass has released a new line of Orochi XX Rods for 2018 that will incorporate a new X47-ASL Metal Fiber Blank material called kabt. These new rods will offer incredible lifting power while still maintaining the lightness and crispness of the original Orochi XX rods that became so popular with avid bass fishermen. The rods should be available in April or May of 2018 and we’re looking forward to checking them out at the Bassmaster Classic and fishing with some this spring. You can get all the details on the advancements incorporated into the new Megabass Orochi XX bass fishing rods here. Check out many of the new features of these incredible looking new Megabass rods in the photo gallery. 

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Blanks feature new kabt material and Micro Pitch Taping for sensitivity and lifting power

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New tapers, actions and blank perfection in these new models of Orochi XX

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The attention to feel, detail, aesthetics and and incredible experience is shown off in the Orochi XX

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Features strong and efficient Fuji SS Sic guides

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Hook hangers available on split grip spinning models

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