Man Breaks Kentucky Blue Catfish State Record

New KY state record blue catfish

Glynn Grogan was fishing a catfish tournament in honor of his former fishing partner Walter Hays who died earlier this year at the age of 80. Grogan wasn't expecting what would happen on this day. While he's caught several 80- and 90-pound catfish, he never dreamed of catching a 100-pound fish, especially during the Walter Hays Memorial Catfish Tournament on the Ohio River the weekend of Oct. 20, 2018.

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife were on hand to weigh and certify the catch as the official state record. They said it beat the previous record of 104 pounds set back in 1999 by an Owensboro man. 

Grogan and Hays often joked about being one cast away from the state record. I'm sure Hays was looking down from heaven with big smile on his face for his fishing partner. 

Glynn Grogan and Kelly Hutchinson hold up the 106.9-pound blue catfish state record for Ky

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You can watch a video on the Western Kentucky Fisheries page here: