Lubricate Twice; Avoid Boat Repairs Always

Summer for most of the country has been super hot. Temperatures

well above 95 degrees were the norm for most of the Midwest and South the

entire summer. With hot temperatures, boat parts can show more wear and tear

than usual, and it’s important to make sure proper maintenance schedules are

followed. Some areas that are occasionally missed are bearings and moveable

parts that need grease to perform at peak efficiency. They get very hot and can

break down lubrication rapidly. Hubs, spindles, bearings and other moveable

parts can wear and failure is a result. Proper lubrication can prevent costly

repairs in these extreme conditions.

Twice a year, it is our standard practice to grease all

fittings on the outboard, wheel bearings on the trailer, and we even take the

prop off for inspection and grease the prop shaft as well. With hotter than

normal temps we may do our checks even more.  That too is an excellent time to check seals

and make sure that you haven’t picked up any line or have any leaks. Greasing

the prop shaft makes it easier to change the prop out if you have a failure and

it also prevents rust.

We recently changed out a prop, needed to grease the prop

shaft and while preparing it noticed the old grease gun was leaking badly. The

grease in the gun had divided oil from the grease and the first squeeze was

like old faithful. Grease and oil dripped everywhere. The old grease gun needed

a replacement cartridge, cleaning and a solid wipe down. Rather than cut

corners we decided rebuild the gun and use Lucas Marine Grease for this


Lucas Marine Grease is a premium quality, heavy duty

lithium formulation with unique Lucas additives recommended for severe marine

operating circumstances, including salt water. Lucas Marine Grease contains

adhesion properties that allows it to stay put. On a prop shaft that is super

important. It also won’t break down like the old grease did and can stand temps

up to 550 degrees. It’s an NLGI No. 2 grease and is environmentally friendly while

preventing rust.

Greasing the prop shaft is easy. Squeeze a small amount

of Lucas Marine grease out of the gun on your finger or a clean cloth. Wipe the

entire shaft to the seals with a light cost of grease, not too much, so the

shaft has a glistening look. It’s also good to take a small amount on your

finger and place it on the splines inside the prop itself before putting the

prop back on. Slide the prop back on and you are ready to go.

Grease all fittings on the motor and put a touch of it on

the ends of the hydraulic shafts used for raising and lowering the motor too.

It will quiet trimming and take creaking out when raising and lowering the

motor. Check manufacturer’s specifications for proper amounts and grease type

before adding.

Keeping your boat properly lubricated is more than

putting 2 cycle oil in the reservoir and can save you big bucks on repair


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