Loop Media Launches Four New Channels, Including Wired2fishTV

Loop Media, Inc. (“Loop Media” or “Loop”) (NYSE: LPTV), a leading multichannel streaming platform that provides curated music video and branded entertainment channels for businesses and consumers, today announced the launch of four new channels of branded content optimized for Loop-enabled out-of-home (“OOH”) venues. The new channels are Blossom, Wired2Fish TV, Breezy Golf and NEWSnet.

Blossom is the home of DIY and invites viewers to spark creativity and capture curiosity with DIY tips and hacks. Viewers will learn everything from how to make spooktacular Halloween decorations, to learning about innovative kitchen gadgets, to shortcuts for keeping houseplants healthy. Blossom’s DIY tips are presented in a quick and colorful style making it the perfect fit for Loop’s OOH venues.

Wired2FishTV is passionate angling for the dedicated enthusiast. It is the ultimate destination for all things fishing. Shot on location at the best fishing spots around, Wired2Fish TV presents fishing tips, boat, lure and tackle reviews, and features guest fishermen to provide pro tips and secrets to catching the big ones.

Breezy Golf is the top brand serving the best and most diverse, hysterical and culturally relevant golfers’ content. Formerly known as Golfers Doing Things, the Breezy Golf team has brought the best trick shots, unbelievable strokes and putts, miserable fails and all the passionate, dramatic moments from the storied history of the game to Loop’s OOH audience.

NEWSnet…news as it used to be. A 24/7 news channel with a focus on headlines following a classic news wheel format. NEWSnet delivers national and international news, weather and sports every half hour. NEWSnet sticks to the headlines, eliminating the pundits, panels and “shout shows” that have become the norm in modern media. When news breaks, NEWSnet provides the latest details in a concise and familiar format.

Loop Media CEO Jon Niermann said, “These new offerings join Loop’s existing library of over 200+ music and non-music channels and continue to expand Loop’s portfolio of engaging, exciting, diversified content, highly optimized for the out-of-home environment. As we continue to broaden our variety of channel offerings, Loop is able to serve an ever-widening audience across a range of venues and business types.”

Blossom, Wired2Fish TV, Breezy Golf and NEWSnet are now available on the Loop Player in all of Loop’s OOH venues.