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Kyle Welcher’s Top 3 Must-Have Bass Fishing Rods

Choosing the best bass fishing rods depends on the technique and angler preference. Bassmaster Elite Series pro Kyle Welcher shares his top three must-have rods for ChatterBaits to finesse casting rods applications. These particular rods belong to the 13 Fishing Muse Black II lineup. Welcher and other pro staff colleagues worked closely with rod designer Ricky Teschendorf to develop new and innovative actions. These rods offer a unique blend of power, speed, and finesse that sets them apart from other rods on the market.

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  1. CHATTERBAIT ROD – 13 Fishing Muse II Black Casting Rod 7’4″ Med Hvy Mod
  2. FINESSE CASTING ROD – 13 Fishing Muse II Black Casting Rod 7’6″ Medium
  3. FINESSE POWER FISHING – 13 Fishing Muse II Black Casting Rod 7’3″ Medium

First up is the 7’4” medium-heavy, moderate-fast casting rod, a perfect match for bladed jigs. This rod is designed for heavy-cover fishing, whether along grass lines or under docks. Notably, it combines a moderate fast tip with a strong backbone, allowing a momentary pause to improve hooking with ChatterBaits. The softer tip quickly transitions to a robust backbone, allowing you to power bass out from heavy cover.

Next, Welcher presents a unique addition to the lineup: a 7’6” medium-fast casting rod. Designed for long casts with small topwater baits, swimbaits, or the like, this rod prevents overpowering your bait. The action and length deliver exceptional casting distance, a must on clear water fisheries.

Finally, he showcases the 7’3” medium-fast rod, his go-to tool for smaller baits. Ideal for finesse power fishing, this rod stands out with its fast action, even at a medium power level. Whether small spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, or quarter-ounce jigs, this rod offers an excellent balance of power and control.