Kayak Angler Shot while Fishing with Family in NC

A woman kayak angler was shot while kayak fishing with her family at City Lake Park in Albemarle, N.C. She is okay and recovering from her gunshot wound to the leg. The Albemarle Police Department is still seeking help in identifying the shooter in this case. The following is their statement about the event on their Facebook page:

At approximately 11:41 a.m. Saturday, July 22, 2023, the Albemarle Police Dept and the Stanly County Sheriff’s Office along with other emergency personnel responded to 815 Concord Road, City Lake Park in reference to a gunshot wound. The victim was a kayaker, later identified as a 36-year-old female and is a resident of Albemarle, who was transported to the hospital with non life threatening injuries.

Witness statements to law enforcement on scene indicated that the shots were fired from the opposite side of City Lake Park, therefore the Stanly County Sheriff’s Office is conducting the investigation into this incident.

Although initial statements indicate that this may have been someone target shooting, any and all possibilities are being investigated.

*Additional information has been received from a number of witnesses which indicate a dark colored truck and trailer were parked on the side of City Lake Dr. and an individual was seen operating a 4- wheeler both on the roadway as well as in the field of the attached picture. We are currently seeking information regarding the identity of this individual*

Detectives are seeking assistance from the public and asking anyone with any information regarding this incident to please call 704-984-2312.

There has been speculation that someone might have been shooting at targets on the opposite side of the lake. But there aren’t many details available other than what a few folks heard at the time. The caliber was said to be a 0.22. We will update the story if police release any more details.