Jason Christie Signs with Xpress Boats

Jason Christie announced on Wired2fish.com’s Facebook page that he was going to be making the move to Xpress Boats along with his move back to the Bassmaster Elite Series in 2021. The family atmosphere at Xpress Boats attracted Christie as much as the high-performance boats. Xpress Boats is a third-generation, family-owned company that built the first all-welded aluminum boat with padded hull. These boats can do what other bass boats simply cannot. And Christie is looking forward to that advantage.

“It’s a year of changes for me, and I’m pumped about this one,” Christie said. “I’ll be running an Xpress with a Yamaha on the Elites come 2021. Thankful for my partners that have supported me the last 20 years, but there’s a bright and fast future ahead!”

For more information, visit XpressBoats.com.

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