Infamous Walleye Cheater Sentenced in Separate Forgery Case

Chase Cominsky, one of the two now world famous walleye tournament cheaters on Lake Erie, just can’t seem to stay out of the headlines for breaking the law. Last week he was sentenced to up to 12 months in jail as well as 4 months of probation in a forgery case in Mercer County District Court. Cominsky was caught and charged in February of 2023 for attempting to pass off counterfit $100 bills at a bowling alley in Hermitage, Pa. His 18 year old son was also involved and also charged.

The phony bills were the kind you find on movie sets with Not Legal Tender and For Motion Picture Purposes printed on the bills.  This was on top of his infamous walleye scandal where he and his tournament partner frauded tournament competitors and organizations by placing weights in fish to win the big cash prizes. After that it was found he was also charged with poaching deer. You can follow up on all of those stories and charges below.

Walleye Tournament Director Catches Cheaters Red Handed


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