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Infamous Walleye Cheater Now Charged with Deer Poaching

File this under “not knowing to quit while you’re already behind.” One of the two world infamous walleye cheaters, Chase Cominsky of Hermitage, Pa., has now been charged with multiple counts related to deer poaching from 2013-2021.

According to a complaint filed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission Northwest Office, they were contacted by an individual that knew Cominsky on Nov. 25, 2022 after his walleye cheating controversy had made worldwide attention. During an investigation of his home, Wardens discovered five mounted bucks that had been tagged under another person’s name and/or killed at night or out of season, or without the proper license. They know this because Cominsky’s hunting privileges in Pennsylvania were revoked in 2008 for prior game law violations.

Cominsky was charged Monday, Oct. 23, 2023 with two counts of unlawful killing or taking of big game, three counts of unlawful taking or possession of game or wildlife, two counts of unlawful acts concerning licenses and one count of violation in tagging and reporting big game kills as specified in the court records filed with Mercer County.

Cominsky still has charges pending from a case in February of 2023, where he and his son Kayden Cominsky were charged with conspiracy to commit forgery when they attempted to pass counterfit $100 bills in a bowling alley in Hermitage.

The younger Cominsky plead guilty to a charge of theft by deception and was sentenced to 1 year probation. The older Cominsky’s case is still pending in Mercer County Court of Common Pleas.

Cominsky and Jacob Runyan were sentenced back in May to the October 2022 Walleye cheating incident in Cleveland.

You can read more about Cominsky’s latest legal woes at The Herald and