Incredible Jigger Pole Buzzbait Bass Fishing Strikes

If you’re not familiar with jigger poling, doodle socking or skittering, sputtering or sweeping as it may be known in different parts of the country, then this series of videos from Ronnie Capps will give you a proper introduction. A throwback technique from the early days of bass fishing, jigger poling in bass fishing involves using a telescoping fiberglass pole around 16 to 20 feet in length that has a piece of Dacron or heavy line tied or taped to the tip with a foot or so or less of line out with a topwater plug like a Creek Chub or a prop bait or in this case an inline buzzbait.

Ronnie Capps is a legend in crappie fishing tournaments. But as this video shows, he’s more than that — he’s a legendary outdoorsman. An avid waterfowl hunter and guide, one of the winningest crappie anglers of all time and a pretty good bass fisherman to boot, the Reelfoot Lake angler shared some of his favorite jigger poling strikes on his Instagram Page last summer.

If you haven’t seen these already, we’ll guess you’ll be ordering a BnM Jigger Pole before you get through the last video. I already ordered mine and can’t wait to get on a paddle board or kayak this spring to try it! I wonder if I could rig up a beefier pole with a waking swimbait. What do you think?

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