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Ice Force Combines Products, Education and Tips

If you love to ice fish may the force be with you, Ice Force,  that is. New ice fishing gear, technique information, and ice fishing accessories all in a single location  for everything you need for a great day on the hard  water. The Ice  Force combines a  world class pro staff, excellent bait, hooks and line, shelters and top of the line augers in one location to get you everything you need to enjoy ice fishing.

Combining great baits from Rapala, great apparel,  top notch augers from Strikemaster., electronics and cameras from Marcum, super sensative line from Sufix and sticky sharp hooks from VMC the Ice Force is your one stop shopping destination. Polaris gets you to the hot spots too.

Check out the Ice Force website, sign up for their new contest for a cache of ice fishing gear, and keep up with the latest information and innovation on the ice.  Ice Force has you covered.