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ICAST 2014 | Megabass


The Megabass Renegade puts swimbaits together with buzz baits and makes them able to both be fished through light or sparse grass. The weedless harness will retail for $16.99 and give anglers the chance to fish buzz baits and swimbaits where they normally throw Texas-rigs and jigs.

Wild Header

This vibrating jig features a low-center of gravity head and blade that gives off an erratic action. The hook has a good keeper for holding trailers. It will retail from $8.99 for the 1/4 ounce one up to $14.99 for the 1 ounce version for fishing deep and will also come in 1/2 and 3/4 ounce varieties in 5 different colors.


SM-X Spriggan

This crankbait was designed for Japanese waters. It has a tungsten balancer system with lateral and vertical chambers that give it a wild erratic action they call escaping. It’s said to be a good bait choice when bass are feeding on crawfish in the early spring.  It will retail for $19.99.    



This swimbait is still in the prototype phases as they are testing the actions and Maghold system for keeping the treble hook in place while the bait swims and free when it hooks a fish. It’s a wire-through 6-inch swimbait. It’s already proven in Japan but they are perfecting it for US waters for sometime early next year.


I-Slide 185

This glide bait is Megabass’s version of a growing popular segment of big swimbait fishing. It’s said to feature a smooth S-action swimming motion and will actually turn a full 360 degrees on a crank and pause action. It’s 7 1/4 inches long and features a single joint and injected molded hard material. It will retail for $59.99.


DX Free 2.0 and 3.0

This crankbait is based on Deep X 300 line of baits. It has a tight wobble and slight rolling action. The 2.0 will run 2 meters deep (around 6-8 feet) and the 3.0 will run 3 meters deep (8-10 feet) depending on line sizes.


Dot Crawler 4.8 & 5.8

The unique shape and design with a heavy-salt formula is said to give the bait a lot of action on the fall. It is designed to be fished weightless, wacky or even on a Texas rig. This is also part of their new Custom Worm Series they introduced today.


Body Balance

These swimbait heads now come in 1/4 ounce and 3/8 ounce sizes and retail for $6.99. They feature keel weighting in a head and a double keeper system for soft swimbaits with an oversized eye and heavy duty hook.


Bottle Shrimp

This soft plastic bait in their Custom Worm Series now comes in a 4-inch size that most anglers stateside will find more to their liking.


Spark Shad

This soft swimbait now comes in a 4-inch version for rigging as trailers on buzz baits, vibrating jigs, swim jigs and other lures or on umbrella rigs for bass. It’s designed to be paired with the Body Balance system head.


Orochi XX Rods

This rod series is expanding with several new application-specific models designed by Aaron Martens, Luke Clausen  and Chris Zaldain. They feature multi-axis blank construction, a long testing and design phase to get the actions, tapers and powers right and a 3-year warranty.



Evoluzion Rods

These are 3rd-generation rods for the enthusiast angler. They feature a redesigned C40 Hybrid Titanium Blank that blends carbon material, titanium fibers with the highest quality Torzite guides and custom tooling and finish that is unique to these high-end rods. These rods won’t be for everyone though with a price tag that will fall north of $700.  But we found them fun to ogle over and dream about at the show.