Hydrowave Expands Sound Options

HydroWave, the manufacturer of Electronic Feeding Stimulator,  has expanded its sounds with a multitude of Sound Expansion Cards that fit the base model unit.

Since its inception, HydroWave has been recording additional sounds.  As we know, fish respond to sound and the more realistic the sound the better.  The HydroWave team has recorded new sounds such as the shad spawn, offshore bait balls, crawfish, bream and even Blueback Herring.  â€œAlthough predatory fish will respond to any bait sounds, the more realistic and specific to their forage, the better” said Gene Eisenmann of Hydrowave.  ” We will continue to collect sounds and currently have over 20 in progress.  Our customers demand more and that’s what we plan on giving them.â€

HydroWave continues to grow in popularity and has become a reliable tool on most tournament anglers boats.  You can find more information on HydroWave and the new sounds at www.hydrowave.com or at (972) 323-9777



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