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How Zoom Got Named and the Original Zoom Worm

It’s always fun to take a look back on the history of product manufacturers.

The worm is “The Original Zoom Worm.” This was from the original mold made by “Zoom” Zimmerman. I think that worm would still catch a bunch of bass. And it’s funny to me how a lot of worms today still look like that worm poured in the early 1970s.

The fact is there is more to a worm that works than a shape or a color. The action, the formulation, the absence of detracting odors all make for a good plastic offering. Many manufacturers today have all of these things.

We just thought it would be fun for you guys to stew for a day over the worm. Some of you guessed right and some of you made great logical guesses. The fact is there are many great worms, creatures, soft jerkbaits, craws on the market.

We carry boat loads of these softbaits because sometimes bass want a cherry and not a junebug. Sometimes they want the scent and sometimes they want the action.

But we generally stick with products made by folks who love bass fishing. The guys and gals who have fishing in their blood. The manufacturers that are wired to fish.

Thanks Zoom for the fun shapes and colors we all get to play with.