Freedom Tackle New Terminal Tackle for 2022 Now Available

Freedom Tackle Corp. introduced a bunch of new weights, sinkers, jig heads, swimbait heads, ned rigs and other terminal tackle at last year’s ICAST show and these awesome new terminal tackle offerings are available now. Here’s a quick rundown of he new tournament professional-grade terminal tackle they offer anglers.

freedom tackle wire drop shot

FT Wire Drop Shot Weights

The first dropshot weight designed specifically to cover water and handle extreme bottom structure, Freedom Tackle’s Wire Dropshot guarantees you will snag less and fish more! The innovative design features the shape of a traditional cylinder dropshot and includes a stiff wire extending from the bottom of the cylinder that can be cut to any length to keep the bulk of the weight elevated from “break-off” rocky structure or bottom gunk that can quickly fowl your weight.

Using a traditional line tie means you can use it for multiple techniques including 3-way rigging, a slide rig and direct-tie options. Each body is embossed with the weight to take the guesswork out when you’re tying one on.

The Wire Dropshot is a great casting dropshot to fish down ledges or in heavy current where rocky bottoms can quickly break you off and will also telegraph bottom feel with pinpoint accuracy.

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freedom tackle bullet weights

FT Tungsten Flipping & Worm Weights

Freedom Tackle gets heavy – really heavy, with our line-up of performance-designed tungsten flipping weights.

FT Tungsten Flipping & Worm Weights feature a classic design, which allows them to slip through cover, brush, and vegetation with ease to get to where the big fish like to ambush their prey. The flat bottom design allows for your soft plastic bait to fit tight to the weight for a seamless bait presentation that minimizes the pick-up of weed and debris when fishing heavy cover. PLUS, we’ve taken the guesswork out of tungsten – no more wondering “is that 3/8 or ½ ounce with printed sizes now on the barrel of every FT Tungsten Flippin & Worm Weight.

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freedom tackle tear drop drop shot

FT Tear Drop & Cylinder Drop Shot Weights

Drop shotting is a must have in your fishing arsenal and Freedom Tackle’s Tungsten Dropshot weights are designed for performance for both largemouth and smallmouth anglers. FT Drop Shot Weights give anglers a smaller, more compact presentation and feature a built-in swivel to minimize line twists. They also rely on a quick-change pinching line clip to make changes to leader length or weight allowing any angler to “dial it in” and get your bait in the strike zone.

In addition to the smaller profile, FT’s extremely dense and hard tear-drop tungsten drop shot weights transfer more vibration through your line as your weight works along the bottom, allowing you to feel every subtle change in bottom composition and even the lightest strike from a fish. Click here to purchase.


freedom tackle tungsten nail weight

FT Tungsten Nail Weights

Perfect for adding a small amount of weight to your neko, swimbait, stick worm or any soft plastic, Freedom Tackle Nail Weights are more dense and more compact than traditional lead nail weights which allows you to add more weight to your lure, without all of the bulk, to ensure you maintain the perfect bait profile.

Freedom Tackle’s tournament grade Nail Weights sport a heavily ribbed design which locks them in place when inserted into soft plastics and won’t easily pop out when making long casts or on wicked head shakes.

Available in a variety of sizes. Click here to purchase.

freedom tackle ned heads

FT Ned Rig

The Freedom Tackle Ned Rig matches up with any Ned style soft plastic to deliver tournament level performance every time you cast. The secret to the FT Ned Rig is our proprietary “No-Slide” bait keeper – a double-locking bait keeper designed to keep your bait in place against the momentum of each cast or the biggest head shake from a fish.

The FT Ned Rig features a premium Gamakatsu 2/0 super sharp hook that delivers excellent penetration even on the lightest finesse spinning setup. Each traditional mushroom style head is covered in a durable powder coating with weights printed onto each head to take the guesswork out of rigging up. Click here to purchase.

freedom tackle tube head

FT Tube Jigs

The all-new Freedom Tackle Tube Jig Head is a revolutionary design that we nicknamed The Whale because of its unique body shape. The Whale head design places more of its full, zinc-body, below the hook to keep the

hook positioned mid-body. This design keeps the hook away from the bulky weight to allow for maximum hook penetration from the super sharp Gamakatsu hook.

The flat bottom of the head paired with the vertical, 90-degree line tie keeps the jig upright and reduces rolling when dragging on virtually any bottom structure to keep you from losing your bait to rocks and wood. Each tube jig is also engraved with the weight of the jig, so you always know what you’re fishing with.

Available in two lengths for large (3.5”) and small (2.5”) tube jig bodies. Sizes: 1/8,1/4 and 3/8 = 2/0 and 1/4,3/8 and 1/2 = 4/0.

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Freedom Tackle shaky head

FT Shakey Head

Shakey Head anglers will tell you “when you know…you know” and that’s exactly what you’ll say about the Freedom Tackle Shakey Head. The FT Shakey head relies on a premium finesse-style light wire and super strong 4/0 Gamakatsu hook.

The flat head design ensures your worm stays up off bottom and in a vertical presentation while the single-tooth keeper ensures your bait stays tight to the head. Each FT Shakey Head is finished in a durable powder coating with weights printed onto each head to save time and eliminate guesswork when rigging up. Click here to purchase.

freedom tackle swimbait head

FT Swimbait Head

Realism and performance are standard in the FT Swimbait Head. Performance starts with the FT proprietary no-slip trailer holder which keeps your soft plastics practically locked to the premium Gamakatsu Jig Hook. Bass can no longer pull your bait down on short strikes or throw your bait when fighting them back to the boat!

Each Gamakatsu hook is integrated into a super durable powder-coated jig head designed to stand up to the punishment any rockpile, tree limb, or dock will put them through. Each jig features a printed weight on the head, so you always know what you have tied on. Available in multiple sizes and in premium non-toxic Zinc as well as lead options. Click here to purchase.


freedom tackle punch stopper

FT Punch Stopper

The FT Punch Stoppers holds it together like no other when punching the thick stuff – Made in a durable rubber that resists ripping – the FT Punch Stoppers easily slide onto the line before rigging weight and hook to lock in your punching set-up together. TIP: For extreme cover add two punch stops in front of your weight and one in behind to protect your line tie knot. Click here to purchase.

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