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FLW Releases Open Letter About Alabama Rig

Kathy Fennel, President of Operations for FLW, just released their open letter about  Alabama Rigs  and other  umbrella rigs  for use in their bass fishing tournaments. Basically the letter further elaborates on their stance of allowing the rigs in their tournaments until the effects of using the rigs can be studied and understood by each state’s wildlife officials. They are taking a wait and see approach and avoiding any knee jerk reactions or persuasion by pros over reacting to the effects of the new rigs.

We especially liked one section of the letter that dealt with complaints from people that the Alabama Rig will be the end of bass fishing or that it makes a novice angler as good as pro angler now. Which in our experience couldn’t be further from the truth.

Here is one excerpt from Fennel’s open letter that we appreciated:

“We believe professional anglers deserve more credit than that. We believe their skill and intuition will not be undercut by a baitfish-imitating technique that helps less experienced anglers catch fish when otherwise they might not. Will it force some pros to elevate their game and adapt? Of course it will. Just like GPS, side-imaging sonar, sight-fishing, shallow-water anchors and countless lure, line and rod innovations have done over the years. Buzzbaits and ChatterBaits were once considered radical, as were flipping and sight-fishing. But they are all simply tools of the trade now. The same will hold true for Alabama Rigs. It’s not the end of fishing as we know it.”