FLW Announces New Collegiate Program

FLW Outdoors announced yesterday in Benton Arkansas a new Multi-Million Dollar Investment in Collegiate Bass Tournament Circuit for 2009.

This televised collegiate bass-fishing circuit offers lucrative scholarships in 20 one-day qualifying events, five televised two-day regional championships with weigh-ins held on college campuses, a televised three-day national championship offering a record purse and berths into the $2 million Forrest Wood Cup.

FLW Outdoors will provide boats and observers for all participants, who will compete as two-person teams in each qualifier. Scholarships will be awarded to the top five teams in each event and every team participating will receive a travel allowance. The top five teams from each qualifier will also advance to one of five regional championships.

Scholarships will once again be awarded to the top five teams in each regional, and every team participating will receive a travel allowance.

Universities and colleges represented by the top five teams in each regional also benefit, as they will receive donations in each team’s name.

The top five teams from each regional will advance to the national championship. The national champions will be invited to the Forrest Wood Cup, where they will be provided use of a Chevy truck and Ranger boat wrapped in their school colors as they compete for a first place prize of up to $1 million.

This is the cool part. The entry fee for all of this? Zero. Participation is free and open to all full-time students who belong to a fishing club recognized by a four-year university or college, provided all club members are also FLW Outdoors members.

College fishing is gaining ground and college anglers new have a new opportunity.

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