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Fishin Tool Bag

We just installed a new tool accessory from Fishin Tool Bag in our boat. It’s perfect for keeping the essential tools  close at hand yet out of the way when running the boat  and not needed.
We installed it in about 5 minutes under a lid using snaps provided. We located it under a lid on the front deck.
Under the front  side compartment is a perfect location for tools used for  working on baits, sharpening hooks or repairing a broken item. We included an adjustable wrench, adjustable screwdriver, hook files, a knife, needle nose pliers and a pair of scissors in our kit. Items like tie wraps, tape, fuses, and connectors can also be stored in the Fishin Tool Bag, as well.
Fishin Tool Bag also makes a seat bracket that can utilized under the seats of the boat. It comes in numerous colors and camo (shown).
To learn more about the Fishin Tool Bag go to their website.