Fisherman Found Dead in Pond

Very sad news to report today as a Tennessee teenager previously reported missing has been found dead in a nearby pond. 16-year-old Seanquvias Maurice Howard left home and headed to a local pond to do some fishing. It was very common for him, as he was an avid angler. When he didn’t come back, however, his family members began to get worried and reported him missing.

The Cherokee High School student and JROTC member had a history of seizures and it was learned that he did not have his medication with him when the incident occurred. A few days after he was reported missing, a family member found him deceased in a neighborhood pond. Authorities do not believe any foul play was involved. Instead, they believe he most likely had a seizure while enjoying an afternoon of bank fishing and fell into the water and drowned. 

This breaks our hearts. The young man was just doing what he loved. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Howard family. 

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