First Ever Saugeye Record Caught in Virginia

First Ever Saugeye Record Caught in Virginia

Michael Miller, from Nathalie, Virginia, landed a 6-pound saugeye from the Staunton River. Mr. Miller caught the trophy-sized fish with spinning tackle using a crankbait. The fish measured 26 1/4 inches with a girth of 14 inches, and was officially weighed at Bobcat’s Bait and Tackle in Clarkesville, Virginia.

After a DWR biologist and the State Record Committee verified and reviewed the fish, Mr. Miller’s catch was certified and was recognized as the current Virginia State Record saugeye.

This is the first entry and certified record for saugeye since the walleye and sauger hybrid species was added to the state record and trophy fish Programs in 2020. Congratulations to Mr. Miller on his outstanding catch!

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