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Eco Pro Tungsten Contest Winners Announced

There are several items on an anglers list that they cannot do without. Weights and hooks lead the way. How about some killer wacky weights for shallow bass and after this past fall an umbrella rig has to be there too. Eco Pro Tungsten continues to innovate and build technology based tackle that is environmentally friendly and does the job for every technique.

They just introduced a Roll Tide Rig where arms can be adjusted and replaced in an innovative pattern that will help you put more fish in the boat. A little bird told us that more innovation is coming out of ICAST for further rigs too.

Kumho Hooks with a killer “J style” keeper that helps you use your plastic baits longer and they are super sharp too. Wacky Rig weights that put some jiggle in your wacky worm and allows the bait to fall differently and of course good old tungsten bullet weights as only Eco Pro can provide.

Great anglers like Gary Klein, Brandon Palaniuk, Jared Lintner, and Jeff Kriet all use Eco Pro and their success counts on it.

We just concluded the Eco Pro Contest and 4 winners have been chosen. They are:

John Matthews, Tyler, TX

Joe Houle, Blairsville, GA

Lenny Dickson, Wisteria, OK

Allen Ross, Fairfield Bay AR

Congrats to all and your box of goodies are on the way!

You can learn about these and other great products on Tackle Warehouse.