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Eco Pro Diamond Pegs for Plastic Baits

Some of the coolest  and most innovative items in fishing can also be the simplest. Eco Pro Tungsten Diamond Pegs are such an item. Simplicity is the mother of invention when it comes to punching and casting plastic baits. Until now, everything from bobber stops to toothpicks have been the option for   anglers to keep plastic in place and not balling up on the hook. The benefit is an increase in hook up percentages and longer life out of your plastic baits.
After you rig your favorite plastic bait on to any size or style of hook, simply insert the Eco Pro Diamond Peg in to the hook eye to securely lock your plastic in place. It’s that simple!
Whenever we see a product like the Eco Pro Diamond Peg we always ask ourselves “Why didn’t we think of that?”
You can buy packs of twenty on the Eco Pro Tungsten Website for $4.36.