Costa Compete + Conserve Provides Cash for Conservation

Costa Sunglasses’ new bass fishing contingency program, “Costa Compete + Conserve” benefits individual anglers directly by paying out bonus money to the highest finishing participant of a supported tournament; but the impact of this one of a kind rewards program doesn’t stop there for the angling and outdoor community.

For every angler payout, a corresponding cash donation is made to one of five organizations Costa has identified as directly benefiting fresh water conservation efforts.

These organizations include:

Upon being confirmed as the highest finishing Costa angler in a sanctioned event, the winning angler chooses one of these conservation groups to receive a donation ranging from $250 to $500.

Major League Fishing trails like the MLF Big5 Toyota Series, Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit, and the Bass Pro Tour are eligible for Compete + Conserve payouts and anglers have been cashing in throughout 2021. Each program winner can’t help but beam with fulfillment when it comes to choosing a conservation partner to donate to.

“It’s great to see an industry leader like Costa put together a program like Compete + Conserve,” said two-time 2021 Bass Pro Tour champion Ott DeFoe. “Not only do you get paid to wear the best sunglasses in the world, but you support groups looking after our rivers, lakes, and reservoirs in the process. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Protecting the water and our natural resources has always been a core value of Costa Sunglasses. Compete + Conserve furthers the conservation initiative by supplying funds to the groups who have boots on the ground working to preserve and improve our fisheries.

“Don’t get me wrong I love winning extra money, but this program enabling me and other anglers to give back to our freshwater resources is what makes Compete + Conserve truly special,” DeFoe said.

Fishing license sales are on the rise, youth competitive fishing programs continue to grow, and there are more people on the water than ever before. These are all great things for the outdoor industry, but it also means our lakes, rivers, and reservoirs are receiving increased pressure. Now, more than ever, the entire fishing community needs to work together to ensure the future of our beloved fisheries.

For more information on the Compete + Conserve program, head to the website: If you’d like to learn more about the myriad of protection programs Costa Sunglasses is involved with, follow this link: