Confidence in Equipment Key to Success

Being confident in fishing is something anglers have to learn to be successful. We all have a certain amount of confidence, but winners know their equipment, and utilize it as a tool to help put more fish in the boat. Rods, reels, engines, boats, trolling motors, etc. are all very important, so is your favorite technique. Ultimately, however, you also have to have confidence in the lubrication products you use as well. 

From a mechanical standpoint, we have to have confidence that we can get to our spot and back again and that means having the best in lubrication. From our reels, to trailers and our engines they need to have the proper care and feeding of the right blends of lubricants to make sure they run like new each and every time.

Lucas Marine assures their products exceed manufacturers specifications each and every time. Whether it be engine oil, hub oil or even reel oil, Lucas Marine has a proven track record with the best in the fishing industry that their products stand up to long runs, extreme temperatures and ethanol blended fuels. The confidence in those products takes the worry out of the equation and eliminates the chance of failure. Confidence is the key!

If you buy Lucas you know “It Works” and they stand by it. That confidence, along with your fishing skills, will ultimately help you put more fish in the boat.