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Cashion Rods Launching New Rod Line Soon

Cashion Rods is going to introduce a totally new line of rods that is a departure from their current offerings and will bring a lot more folks in to see the quality of Cashion’s American made rods for themselves. Here is what owner and founder Dr. Matthew Cashion had to say about this new initiative for Cashion:

“When Cashion Rods first started in 2010 we didn’t have a clear direction or path to become a profitable business,” Cashion said. “We didn’t start with millions of dollars in the bank to build a company. Cashion Rods focused on designing and building carbon fiber fishing rods that changed the way fishermen fish. Cashion Rods systematically grew and was able to fund a lot of its own growth. Remembering our humble beings has focused our design and production team on the next release from Cashion Rods.

“The Cashion pillars are American made, scientifically superior, and performance for everyone. Cashion is a hardcore manufacturing company that is blessed to design and build high performance fishing rods. Our team accepted the challenge to improve efficiency without sacrificing quality to expand the Cashion line and introduce the soon to come next series from Cashion.

“The next series, to be released in early fall of 2022, has no equal or predecessor. Meaning, the ICON series was developed from the ELITE series and the CORE series was developed from the CRT series as next generations. The newest release from Cashion will expand our product offering into a category where no other American-made products exist.

“The new series will be the first Cashion with a different grip material than carbon fiber/fiberglass. While we understand the science behind carbon fiber/fiberglass, we also understand it is a non-traditional grip material, which some fishermen are hesitant to try. The new series will expand Cashion to fishermen that have been hesitant to try Cashion because of the grips.

“To meet the needs of the new series, Cashion had to design and develop a brand new blank. The new series will be built on Cashion CR4r carbon fiber fishing rod blanks. The CR4r will look like no other blank from Cashion.We can’t wait for you to see how beautiful this blank looks.The CR4r manufacturing and rolling process are the same as all other Cashion blanks but utilizes a different material combination and design features.

“The CR4r is built with American-sourced carbon fiber and pre-preg and utilizes Cashion’s toughened epoxy formulation that provides Advanced Interface Bonding (AIB). AIB is a combination of mechanical and additive technology to create ultra high bond strength at the interface of carbon fiber and epoxy matrix. In practical terms this makes a really strong rod blank. The CR4r blank looks like no other Cashion blank, but it is still designed with a raw finish to encapsulate fibers for increased durability. The raw finish allows the epoxies in the pre-preg to form a protective barrier around the carbon fiber to protect the fibers from impact.

“Cashion is expanding their product offering and excited to release the series in early fall of 2022.  Cashion streamlined their efficiency without sacrificing quality; and is able to manufacture a high quality, truly American-made rod that will expand Cashion onto more boat decks. The old saying, “Quality ain’t cheap” remains true, but Cashion has built proprietary processes in fishing rod manufacturing in order to deliver a scientifically superior, American-made fishing rod designed for everyone.”

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