BREAKING BASS Reality TV Fishing Show to Start Airing

A new Docu-Series called Breaking Bass, that is focused on two California anglers journey across the United States will start airing on Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2017 on the Go90 network. You can download the Go90 App on your smartphone or watch it on your computer at The reality fishing TV show follows the adventures of Big Bass Dreams founder Oliver Ngy and soCal angler and hip hop artist Carnell “Dimension” Lee as they travel across the midwest seeking out new waters they have never fished and meeting up with old friends and new friends around fishing.

Their journey kicks off in Nashville, Tenn. where they drop their lines in J. Percy Priest Lake, visit Party Fowl to try some of the hottest chicken in the city and hit one of Music City’s recording studios to lay down some rap tracks.  They move on to Kentucky where they engage in a bit of competition with their friends from Wired2fish and Central Kentucky. In Arkansas, the guys face their biggest challenge yet, as they navigate the Cypress tree-filled waters of Lake Conway. From fine dining to trying to ditch the cops, this season keeps our Bassholes on their toes. 

Visit for more information and download the app on iTunes and Google Play.

Breaking Bass is produced by Authentic Entertainment for Complex Networks. Executive producers for Authentic Entertainment are Lauren Lexton and Joe Correll. Justin Killion and Rod Grable serve as executive producer for Complex Networks.