Boat Crash on Lake Murray during Practice for Bassmaster College Series

Tow college fishing teams boats were involved in a boat collision on Lake Murray on Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2024. Fog was said to be a contributing factor. Three of the four anglers were injured. Two of the three that sought medical attention were released the same day. One angler remains hospitalized.

It has been hard to corroborate any information on this one, but it appears from multiple reports that the two boats were headed towards each other, but couldn’t see each other in the fog until it was too late. As soon as they could, they both corrected the same direction and then had nowhere to go to avoid collision. There have not been any names released, but sources say the collision involved a team from Murray State and a team from Western Kentucky University. We are still trying to verify with both teams.

No details on who was released and who remains hospitalized. If we can corroborate any of the information we have received, we will update the story.

The investigation is ongoing with both B.A.S.S. and local authorities, but these incidents are a good reminder for everyone who operates a boat to brush up on the Rules of the Water. Everyone should learn to peel right and correct and/or shut down to avoid high-speed collisions, especially head on. See our rules of the water guide as well as the Boat US Navigation Rules reference guide.