Big Baits, Big Bonus for Evers at REDCREST 2023

Edwin Evers bait selection captured the attention of fishing fans during REDCREST 2023 on Lake Norman as he used a pair of big swimbaits en route to his third-place finish. The Oklahoma veteran has long been one of the most versatile anglers in the world; he’s prominently notched major wins with bags comprised entirely of smallmouth, spotted bass, and largemouth over the course of his legendary career but big swimbaits is not something Evers is known for.

“The big swimbait game is brand new to me,” Evers said with a smile. “I started toying with glide baits and bigger profile swimbaits this fall and winter after fishing with a young man named Cole Anderson and was really impressed. Coming into REDCREST I knew how many small fish lived in Norman, so I thought a bigger bait might be able to generate some above average bites.”

On his second day of practice Evers’ put this theory to the test and was rewarded with several bites which included a few better fish. He added this nugget of information to his toolbox and successfully used two big swimbaits along with a few other techniques to finish better than 37 other pros.

Specifically, Evers was fishing the brand-new Berkley Cull Shad, which has a unique hook keeper that lends itself well to skipping under the myriad of docks that dot the shoreline at Lake Norman. The General Tires pro also caught some key fish on a Mike Bucca glide bait he would fish down the sides of key docks.

“I won’t claim to know much about big swimbaits yet, but I will say they are extremely exciting to fish,” Evers offered. “My heart just about pounds out of my chest every time I make a cast with one because I know a giant is liable to eat the bait at any moment. It’s super addicting!”

Evers may be relatively new to the world of big gliders and swimmers, but he’s no stranger to towing his Nitro Boat with a Tundra or to winning big Toyota Bonus Bucks checks. His third-place achievement at REDCREST 2023 made him the highest finishing Bonus Bucks angler in the field and netted him an additional $7,500.

Highlighting one of coolest facets of the program – you don’t need to win an event to win the Bonus Bucks payout, you just need to drive a 2019 or newer Toyota tow vehicle and finish higher than other eligible anglers. Evers has driven a Tundra for well over a decade and recently bought a new 2022 Tundra to start the 2023 Bass Pro Tour season.

“I’ve been super impressed with the interior and overall comfort of this truck so far,” Evers said. “It’s got plenty of power and drives really well. I like the new seats, the big screen on the dash, and all the different safety sensors and advancements in technology. All the new features make it a comfortable, easy truck to drive and tow my boat with.”

Visit your local Toyota dealer to test drive a new Tundra if you are in the market for a tow vehicle and be sure to sign up for Bonus Bucks. It’s free to join and you can earn extra money just like Evers if you compete in one of the hundreds of supported tournaments. Learn more and get registered at