Berkley NanoFil Uni-filament Fishing Line Introduc

Berkley just announced they are introducing a new line calle NanoFil Uni-Filament fishing line. It’s being engineered specifically for use on spinning tackle to have small diameters and extreme strength to give the angler maximum casting distance.

Their claim is that it will allow anglers to make much longer casts and use lighter line for ultra finesse applications. It’s not mono or a braid. It’s made with gel-spun polyethylene so it appears similar to superlines. It will have hundreds of dyneema nanofilaments that are molecularly linked. So it gives it a superline strength but the handling of monofilament.

They also recommend that you use what they are calling the NanoFil knot which is basically a double palomar knot for at least 15 percent more knot strength than a standard palomar knot.

We look forward to testing this new line category in the next couple of months. The line will be available some time in June 2011. The line will come in line class tests from 1 pound up to 12 pound and diameters as small as 0.001 inch up to 0.008 inch. They will offer three spool sizes of 150-yard, 300-yard and 1500-yard spools. Fillers will be $19.95 and 38.95 respectively while bulk spools will be 179.95. So there is a premium for having this line but it seems it may open some new avenues if it meets its claims.

We’ll have more information soon on this new line release.