Bandit to offer new square bill crank…

With ICAST just around the corner, lure manufacturers are scurrying around  like a nest of fire ants. This industry reunion is the kick-off to new products, innovation and breathing new life into the fishing industry. We are super excited about this year’s event and have the inside track on many of the new offerings that can help all of us and our fishing.
Bandit Lures is right in the middle of the fray and will be introducing a new  shallow diving crankbait that will add a new dimension to their already established crankbait arsenal. The different series of Bandit cranks allows anglers to start shallow and go deep, and the new offering is one step further with a wide wobbling square-billed crankbait that should be killer for late summer and fall fishing. Bandit, already a mainstay, for crankers everywhere, continues to develop both shapes and colors that anglers want. From the Series 1000 to the 700 Series to the  new  Square-Bill, the Bandit line-up takes anglers from 1 to 20 feet of the fishing column.
The new Bandit  Square Bill  is a culmination of years of research, listening to what pro’s like Matt Herren, Pete Ponds and Marty Stone have suggested  and developing a bait to meet those needs.
Bandit Owner Chris Ross and legendary designer Jim Gowing at  Bandit are about building and designing baits that catch  bass, and they take this job very seriously.”Most square bills are small, the new one is larger and is the size of a baitfish that bass like,” said designer Jim Gowing.  “This bait has a hunting action that is unique  and is very erratic. The bill of the bait is longer to allow the bait to sit still at 45 degrees. When it touches the bottom it deflects better. It will jump up on its side and continue digging. It runs 4-6 feet depending on line size. The front hook will not hang up on the bill or with the rear hook. I have designed over 200 baits and have combined all of the best features in this bait.”

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