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Angler Catches Louisiana State Record Bluegill

Another record is certified and has fallen. The new Louisiana state record bluegill has been certified at 2.24 pounds after being caught May 30, 2022 by Arcadia, La. angler Tim Trahan who was fishing for bass in a buddy’s private pond when the massive bluegill struck.

“I was actually fishing for bass and caught it on a Zoom Super Fluke while bass fishing,” Trahan said. “I asked my wife if I could get it stuffed. She said, ‘with peppers and onions?’ I said, ‘Well, now, I don’t know.'”

The fish was taken by Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Department for sampling to see if it was a true bluegill or a hybrid. They later confirmed it was pure bluegill and the new state record at 2.24 pounds. Trahan’s fish bested the previous mark of 1.83 pounds out of Iatt Lake in 2016.

Trahan did in fact get the fish “stuffed” and is proudly displaying his state record catch at his home in Arcadia.

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Watch the video of his bluegill being weighed here.

Tim Trahan with his record catch

Mount of louisiana record bluegill