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American Baitworks Introduces Speed Freak Spinnerbait

This keel head spinnerbait is designed to stay down and slice through the water, even on Mach-speed retrieves. Its unique down-winged head creates downforce on the bait, allowing it to achieve high speeds. The head is finished with a 2-barb super sticky bait keeper and a premium black nickel hook, sized matched for the spinnerbait weight and size-stamped on the head. The head also features a proprietary collar to increase skirt flair.

But the FT Speed Freak’s (buy here) performance doesn’t stop there. It also features a patented Kilter blade, which allows for an erratic action from the bait and skirt that fish have never felt before, with a truly unique vibration and flash. This blade sets the Speed Freak apart from other spinnerbaits on the market. It’s sure to become a favorite among anglers.

Compact and Full Frame versions of the Speed Freak are available, allowing you to shorten up when the bass are short-striking or chasing small jaws with a compact frame. The compact version is also great for targeting smaller fish or for use in areas with heavy cover, while the full frame version is ideal for larger fish and open-water situations. No matter what you’re fishing, the Speed Freak has you covered.

In the world of fishing, speed is key. And with the new Speed Freak Spinnerbait from American Baitworks, you can run your bait as fast as you want without sacrificing performance. Its unique head design and patented Kilter blade make it the ultimate high-speed spinnerbait, and it’s available now in a variety of sizes and colors to suit any angler’s needs.