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A Valuable Lesson on Discarded Fishing Line

Last night, while testing some of the new Uncle Josh Bump and Run baits, we were involved in a very unfortunate situation. While fishing a stump filled bay we noticed a Canadian goose laboring as it was swimming offshore. Under closer inspection we noticed a large spool of line attached to the goose and an object trailing entangled in that line as well. When we got to the (live) goose we found the object it was dragging was a baby goose that had drowned since it too got entangled in the line.
We were able to catch the larger goose, free the line and the deceased goose from the mess and the mature goose, although out of gas, flew off.
Two lessons here:
1. Don’t throw used line in the lake. It can be recycled or properly disposed of. Many lakes have a recycle and trash containers. They are the proper place to put discarded line. If one is not available at your lake suggest to lake management one is installed. Might be a good project for a club or youth group. 
2. A goose is one mean dude. Thankfully this one was weary from dragging a couple of pounds of line and baby goose but they are still mean rascals.
Recycled line can be reclaimed and Berkley has a program where that line can be used again.
It’s your resource, take care of it. You never know who lives downstream!