4 Ways to Fish Braided Line

Video Transcript:

Hey John Crews here and I’ve got 4 ways that I use Vicious braid. Now a lot of people

use their braid when they’re flipping the heavy mats. Everybody knows that is the number one

reason to use braided line. 65 pound Vicious braid with a 1oz sinker on it and you go to work

pitching those mats looking for the little isolated smaller mats. Those can be key, and that’s a great way to catch

a lot of fish. The other way is throwing the Spro frog. I mean since they came out with that thing a few years back

I think everybody who has caught a bass in the past five years, I think it has been mandatory you’ve had to catch at least one on that

Spro Frog. Man that thing absolutely catches them everywhere especially even the Popping Frog that thing is smoking hot and 50 or 65 I like 50

on the Popping Frog and 65 on the regular Bronzeye frog that’s the way to go. That’s the number 1 and number 2 reason ways I fish braid. Number

three for your Vicious braid is top water walking baits. Anytime I’m using spook type baits where that bait is darting back and forth I use 40 pound braid.

You can absolutely heave it an absolute mile I mean just out of control you can throw it and as soon as those fish

swipe at it it’s an immediate hook up. You can start cranking them and reel them right in the boat. I just actually waterski everything less than

4 pounds right on over into the boat and you can’t do that with any other line you can

only do that with braid. You would be surprised at how many more fish you’ll catch on top water

using that 30 pound braid. Then also put it on the spinning rod, I put 15 pound

on all my floating worms, even the little wacky worm stuff like that you will be surprised that fish look right past it.

I don’t even use leaders the majority of the time. I just throw it straight braid 15 pound

braid I may color the tip just a little bit with a Vicious marker and that is it. I mean you have immediate hook ups

and when you get them on their they’re not going run up under a dock and break you off, you just hold em and you got em

because you have 15 pounds worth of strength rather than throwing little 6 pound anything else. So try that 15 pound on your spinning reels

and you might be surprised at what happens. So that’s four ways I use Vicious braided line and now you’ve been Wired2Fish!

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