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Why Bass Anglers Should Carry an Assortment of O-Rings

With wacky and Neko rig applications rapidly expanding, the list of potential baits is virtually endless. Anglers are now Neko rigging crawfish plastics, creature baits and a variety of worms that have been reserved for other tactics in the past. Considering this, Wired2Fish’s Ryan DeChaine explains the importance of carrying a variety of rubber o-ring sizes such as in kits sold at your local automotive repair shop. This ensures you can rig an o-ring on virtually any plastic in your box with the benefit of extending the usable life of each bait.

Ryan demonstrates this utility by rigging a crawfish plastic with a larger diameter o-ring while using a small diameter o-ring to secure a nail weight on the end of his Neko rigged crawfish. While super glue remains a good option for securing nail weights, a tight-fitting o-ring is an excellent glue-free method for securing ribbed weights like the VMC Half Moon Weight.

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