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Neko Rig Underwater – Rig Hook up or Down?

Neko rigging soft plastics is one of the most popular finesse bass fishing tactics for its ability to trigger bass under most circumstances. It’s also easy to fish and rig, but there are some nuances to be aware of. This underwater video explores how hooking the plastic (hook point up or down) affects hook point orientation on the retrieve, and how hook point orientation impacts snagging cover and hook dulling. 


Wired2Fish’s Ryan DeChaine and Kyle Peterson walk through the test criteria and follow the Neko rig with an underwater pole cam. The underwater video confirms our suspicion on hook orientation and highlights the often overlooked component of weedless performance (hook point up vs. down). Although this staff feels there’s no 100% right or wrong way to rig a Neko rig, the underwater video provides a compelling case for rigging hook point up (toward the line). Give the video a full watch to find out why and to influence your decision to sustain or change the way you Neko rig. 


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