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Neko Craw Rigging Bass During Cold Fronts

We’ve been at the forefront of Neko rigging crayfish-profiled plastics for bass at Wired2Fish and keep building upon this deadly tactic. Ryan DeChaine goes into an in-depth tutorial on rigging and fishing crayfish Neko rigs on ‘known spots’ during tough cold front conditions. *Product links at the bottom.

It’s best to fish this presentation on known fish-holding spots where strategically placed casts get your bait in front of resident fish — these bulky plastics sink slower and require a slow and methodical retrieve to stay on the bottom (not efficient in search mode). Ryan details how he uses custom mapping in conjunction with 360 Imaging to keep the boat off the fish and make targeted casts to individual boulders.

DeChaine takes rigging a step further in this video with a detailed discussion on the importance of o-ring placement and why he inserts a tungsten nail weight into the nose of his floating crayfish in addition to the bottom.