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The Ned Rig Only Catches Small Bass? Think Again.

Kyle headed down to Georgia to do a little filming with our Managing Editor, Walker Smith. While they were both expecting to rely heavily on power-fishing techniques due to muddy water and shallow, prespawn bass, an early spring cold front came and completely upended their original plans. When Kyle landed in Atlanta, it was in the high 70s and when it was time to start fishing, it was 38 degrees! They honestly thought their shoot was ruined, but of course, the trusty Ned rig came through in a big way.

In this video, you’ll get to watch the lightbulb turn on, essentially. Kyle started out pitching a larger creature bait, but the big ones wanted something smaller and quickly made it known. The Ned rig doesn’t look like much and if you would have told us we’d have such a crazy day on it, we probably wouldn’t have believed you. But here is indisputable proof that one of the smallest, most finesse techniques in bass fishing can catch some really solid bass—even in super tough conditions.

Keep in mind: This video was shot in about 30 minutes. That might put the Ned rig’s effectiveness into perspective!


Walker’s Set-Up

Kyle’s Set-up