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Missile Baits Ned Bomb Review

Going down a do nothing bank, dragging a do nothing lure doesn’t really fit my personality or fishing style. However I have seen the power of a Ned Rig the last couple of years while experimenting with different baits, heads, retrieves and ways to apply it to patterns I commonly find. One of the baits I’ve come to really love the last two years for Ned rigs is the Missile Baits Ned Bomb. There are many reasons why I like this bait, but simply put, it just catches them in a variety of scenarios that I’ll share in this piece that will be part review and part Ned rig feature.

You can find Missile Baits Ned Bombs at 

Get a few colors and go experiment

I like Goby, Fishalicious, Bluetonium Green Pumpkin Core, Baby Bass Tail, and Super Bug probably the most of the Ned Bomb colors. But you really should get a few baitfish ones and a few crawfish ones. I generally fish mine anymore on a 5 Fish Lures Ultimate Ned Head or a Z-Man Pro Shroomz Weedless.

You can find Missile Baits Ned Bombs at 

Colors Are Some of the Best in Soft Plastics

My first attraction to the Ned Bomb was some of the colors John Crews offered them in. Crews is a friend, but he didn’t send me any of these. I bought them the first time at a local tackle shop—Fast Eddies—last year. 

I thought that Goby color was awesome as was the Fishalicious and Super Bug colors. I was wanting to mimic small fry and crawfish on the lake and also at Table Rock, so I bought several bags to try them. 

Since then, Crews has added some just awesome looking colors with very unique core shot colors as well as tail accented colors on laminated pours. I think a lot of times, that contrasting tail is what the fish react to on a direction change like lifting and dropping the bait.

Profile is as natural as it comes

The solid head, wider bulbous body and thin flap tail give the Ned Bomb a very natural appearance when it moves in the water. Shake it on the bottom. Hop it up off the bottom. Drop it down on vertical fish and just hold it. Reel it back to the boat super slow with your rod tip twitching the whole time. Or just drag it around. 

I have been catching a lot of fish on them around docks. I will skip them under things like pontoons, walkways, etc. Sometimes I even shoot them like a crappie jig. I catch a ton of fish just letting it pendulum fall under the dock. You will just see your line jump or go slack way before it hits the bottom. It’s a slick way to fish it that gets a lot of bites.

Multiple patterns and uses for this bait

You can fish the Ned Bomb like a shaky head. You can pitch it around cover. You can swim it. You can skip it under things. You can reel and twitch it. You can drop it down and fish for suspended fish just holding it in place. I was doing that a lot on Table Rock last year. Just dropping the bait in the tops of deep trees and holding it there as I watched spotted bass come up and get it. 

Usually I’m lifting and dropping it, or I’m tightlining it around something. It’s become one of my staple baits around docks anymore. 

Caught a bunch of nice bass on them last two years

It’s pretty crazy how many good largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass I have caught on the Ned Bomb the last two years. I would never have thought this would become a regular option for me. In clear water, it’s hard to beat. But anytime you have small baitfish or crawfish in a system, this is a good mimicker.